OpenSpot Parking is a Canadian company that provides one of the world's most advanced parking management hardware and software solution that constantly tracks the real-time status of parking spots while providing automated and detailed historical analytics around parking efficiency, compliance monitoring, and dynamic pricing.


We help shape the future of tomorrow's cities by tracking and analyzing data on mobility, transportation, and parking.


We provide automatic insights and detailed analytics about how cities move and park, by making your data available to you on any device, at anytime.


We help Parking Companies increase their efficiency, compliance, and revenues by effectively monitoring and evaluating their parking data.


We help City Planners make smarter decisions around urban planning, mobility, and parking.

We are Data. We are Parking.

OpenSpot Parking is a parking management data platform that integrates with different parking sensors, payment methods, compliance systems and parking APPs.  



  • Discreet profile
  • Solar power option
  • Relay data through LoRaWAN


  • Wireless connection to collector
  • Battery operated 
  • Above ground and flush mounted

Platform Agnostic Solution

  • Parking and Payment Apps
  • Street Signs
  • Websites
  • Smart Car Dashboards


  • Unique Parking engine
  • Live and Historical Data through OpenSpot Dashboard
  • Offering the feauture of Dynamic Pricing



OpenSpot Dashboard is one of the world's most advanced parking management software that constantly tracks real-time availability status of the parking spots with OpenSpot sensors, while also, providing a historical analysis and a heat map of these spots. The OpenSpot platform offers an API that allows a real-time parking data to be broadcasted on any device, screen or third-party APP.

integrate, process and deliver


OpenSpot integrates every data received from our parking sensors with 3rd party sources such as pay-stations, mobile payment systems and parking enforcement systems using our open API. Also, the OpenSpot parking system processes and incorporates all the data from our integrated data sources, for a more efficient and deliverable cloud based application.

Smart Parking is the stepping stone to building smart cities



  • More control of parking lot management
  • Increase or decrease the price live depending on occupancy
  • Real time data on parking lots, violations and income per parking meter or parking spot
  • Increase in efficiency of parking lot


  • Provide live and historical data
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Decrease in pollution and congestion
  • Greater evidence for disputed tickets


compliance officers

  • Easily track-able path to the vehicle in violation
  • Minimization of resources required for checking vehicles
  • Easily recognition of appropriate hours for checking


  • Easily find the nearest available parking spot to their destination using the OpenSpot APP or Partner APP
  • Total privacy respect
  • Pay per use

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